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Precautions for humidity sensitive components

The circuits with plastic COB package are sensitive to high temperatures and welding process specially ("popcorn" effect).

The cause of "popcorn" effect is interior humidity, that can create package cracks when suddenly temperature rises. All forms and sizes of superficial mounting components are sensible to "popcorn" effect; that sensibility is incremented with the temperature during the welding process.

The components delivered with no protection against humidity should be heated in the oven or stored at free humidity ambients, in both cases until the moment they will be welded.

The user is responsibly of qualifiying, preparation and aditional processes of the integrated circuit. The guarantee of iC-Malaga will not cover the damages that can happen because of effects such as "popcorn" during the welding process.

iC-Malaga Optionally can delivery the components sealed in anti humidity bags, with humidity indicator ("dry pack").

Even in the case where storage conditions are not favorable, such as up to 40°C and 90% of relative humidity (RH), the components stored with "dry pack" can be stored for a period up to 12 months, from their packing date.

Packaging indications

Plastic standard SMD

After "dry pack" opening, the components have to be welded before 24 hours (with conditions 30°C/60% RH) or stored at <10% RH.)

The components have to be baked before mounting if the humidity indication card indicates >10% at 23°C ±5°C or if indicated conditions are not met.


These containers don't tolerate high temperatures of baking recommended before. In order to reduce the humidity contained in the delivered components on "tap-and-reel" to not critical levels, "dry pack" method should be used: place the component into anti humidity bag with at least one unit of dry agent for kilo and an humidity indication card. Mantain the bag closed and sealed during at least 192 hours at 40°C.

COB package

After "dry pack" opening, the components have to be mounted before the following 8 hours (under following conditions, 30°C / 60% RH) or be stored at <10% RH.

Will be necessary their baking before mounting, if humidity indicator shows >10% read at 23°C ±5°C or if indicated conditions are not met.

The baking process has to be at least 72 hours at 100°C using containers that are able to support high temperatures (trays).

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